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How war works

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How war works

Post by {Blueeyes}White Gun on Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:51 pm

When we are challanged to battle each Academy picks 3 members and they are the War team now i will schedule with any of our future allies some Practice wars so when the stakes to get something from someone or we are challanged we will be ready. in War hanger is where our Team will be shown then in War Challange if a Leader wants to have a friendly war or hostile war they post that there and in War brackets there will be the Brackets to every War and each Bracket will always Update as each round ends and our Record will always be in that Top thing that says Welcome to EDA except it will say Welcomne to EDA(0-0) once we at least have 3 scheduled wars so here is the Set-up


as people are eliminated from each team they will have this happen "{Ninja} Dragon"
when all 3 members of a team are eliminated the war is over
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