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Staff Needed

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Staff Needed

Post by {Blueeyes}White Gun on Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:25 pm

We need staff for the academy and as we start i will be asking the top duelists to try to do some Jobs yet there are some who can choose not to be in the staff and I may ask some people to Join our War team mainly if they rank Emeror Dragon or Blue-Eyes here is the application and things we need.

Applicaion pm it to me in the order givin'
Application Form:
Wanted Job:
Skills That would make you great:
Are you active:
DN name:

Tourny Manager(need 2)
Required to Plan out Tournaments and be ready to give their money as a reward/Pay is 100 ET per 3 days
Event Manager(need 1)
Must schedule some fun events in "Cool Events" for the academy to enjoy/Pay is 75 ET Per Week
War Manager(need 1)
Must Schedule Fun Wars with any Allies we have unless Leader and Co-Leader say to Make Hostile War/Pay is 50 Et Per 2 Days
Tester(need 3)
Must recruit new members and must study how to test members and follow the test rubric and test those members and add those members to the dorm they belong in then message the Admins(Leader,Co-leader,Staff Director) about it so they can update there Rank completely

So just tell me what you want Smile
{Blueeyes}White Gun

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